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Saldi-Service LLC – an integrated approach to solving problems

The relentless development of technology and the high quality of the work permit of Saldi-Service LLC translate into reality what until recently seemed unattainable. Our team of professionals is able to realize any, even the most difficult and unexpected ideas. And all set tasks, ranging from design and installation to professional service, we decide for a comprehensive approach, taking into account not only immediate, but also the future needs of our customers.

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Field of activity

The priorities of the Saldi-Service LLC are:

fabricated buildings (FB) and facilities for sports complexes and entertainment centers;
design and installation of ventilation, air-conditioning, air heating turnkey;
manufacture mobile modular buildings;
erection of temporary structures;
installation inflatables;
installation of heating systems: solid fuel boilers, pellet boilers, industrial boilers.

Our capabilities

he goals that Saldi-Service LLC has set itself, are very simple and they are achieved using a wide range of tasks aimed at maintaining optimum air parameters for prefabricated buildings of various kinds: hangars, warehouses, shops, entertainment areas. But the approach that is used in solving the problems of the spectrum, can achieve their goals with the highest quality end result.

unique projects

We work on individual projects, so all structures of Saldi-Service LLC unique. Even the most basic mobile buildings, constructed under the guidance of our experts, are in strict accordance with the demands of the customer and the main intended purpose design.


Our team of professionals is ready to create structures of various plan: mobile homes and modular buildings, steel and construction materials with wood and laminated veneer lumber, pneumodesigns and lightweight architectural forms and temporary structures. Our specialists are subject to all the modern trends in construction, which allows you to quickly and cost-effectively implement your wildest desires.

wide focus

We work with different premises, picking up the necessary systems and structures for shops pharmaceutical industry and the automotive industry, distilleries and enterprises of mechanical engineering, sports complexes and swimming pools, warehouses and recreational areas.

Quality assurance

In addition to the excellent performance of a wide range of installation works on the construction of pre-fabricated buildings in the Ukraine, the advantages of our company are also the reasonable price of the equipment used and the maximum reliability of supply.
Saldi-Service LLC – direct representative of manufacturers of different systems for climate control. Therefore, all equipment supplied by us is guaranteed. Documentary evidence of the quality are the various certificates, including a certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO.
All technical documentation (passport, instructions for installation and operation) for the convenience of users available in Russian.
We try to meet the needs of its customers, so take into account not only the peculiarities of each individual design, but also the entire enterprise.
Our principle – an individual approach to each client!

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Use LED technology company ” Ekolayt Ukraine “

Company “KOZLUSAN” Connected boilers