Inflatable structure

Vozduhonosnye and structures

Possessing the feature of multiple and multi-purpose use, air-bearing designs have an important advantage – bystrovozvodimogo and low cost (2-3 times lower) in comparison with the traditional hospital buildings of wood, brick and concrete. Medium size Aero-tensioned dome “Saldi – Service” from the rugged shell with all necessary technical equipment that can cover a football field, built in three days. It can be removed in the summer, to move to other objects. Technology installation and dismantling of the structures is so simple that any owner can do it yourself with a small team of workers.
creating a tent fabric for air-supported structuresCreating air-bearing structures from pre-designed sections and blocks, “Saldi – Service” fully meets customer requirements according to the overlapping of different places, arenas for sporting events, trade halls, gaming platforms, buildings for any social events. They provide maximum usable space, leaving the placement of the interior.

Vozdushnaya designnote that a slight overpressure inside the dome allows to solve most problems for fire safety and protection. The fireproof material of the dome is not lit and can only be locally molten in places of direct impact of high temperature flame. At the same time, excess internal pressure will not allow smoke and fire to spread in the building, removing the flame and eliminating its center. The pressure will make the main guard, as the sensor fixing his fall (however slight) caused by the breaking of the shell, will give an immediate alarm.
letter of commendation for the installation of air-supported structuresit is also Important to know what each building is equipped with a backup alarm system of air supply, which starts automatically in case of pressure drop inside the building when the de-energizing of the building.

For heated structures, “Saldi – Service” delivers complex technical system automatic heating, air plenums, maintaining the calculated heat and internal pressure, according to a customer specified parameters. The system recirculates the heated air, maintaining a constant temperature. In the case of extended cold periods, fully automated control system minimizes the turn-on frequency of the electric heaters, which results in high efficiency of operation.

“Saldi – Service” provides the customer with all types of services on the construction of buildings:
design, production, delivery, installation supervision and installation of structures on the site, equipment installation prior to delivery of the turnkey project? and provides maintenance facilities.

Implemented facilities inflatable structures


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