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Pellet boilers and solid fuel boilers – additional information from the manufacturer “KOZLUSAN”

KOZLUSAN Solid fuel boilers Solid fuel pellet boilers of various capacities for domestic use is the main specialization of the company. Pyrolysis boilers with wood, the boiler hot air. Traditional boilers use coal or firewood. Multipurpose boilers with manual and automated fuel supply (16-50kW). Solid equipment for home use (8-100kW). Solid fuel industrial machinery from 100 to 2500 kW. A fresh offer is for You! Heating equipment based on modern technologies. Works with automatic or manual feeding solid fuel. Power ranges 18-50 kW (optionally up to 81 kW). A considerable part of works on eco – peas (fraction of coal small from 5 to 25 mm) or pellet (fuel granule from 6 to 8 mm).

Pellet boilers and solid fuel boilers – the key to successful and effective heating.

boilers and in particular, their fuel has a number of positive aspects of pellets over oil, gas, electricity, coal, firewood. Natural gas competes on price with the pellets. To let him down easy and expensive, it is explosive. Diesel, electricity, liquefied gas, fuel oil are expensive. Diesel oil emit a nasty scent while burning, there is a possibility of leakage from the tank and fire. For electricity cannot be connected to a suitable power. The process of burning coal is not automated, also there is a need to dispose of slag (40% by weight of coal), and they have a low efficiency, like firewood, for which you need storage space for the Liquefied gas is flammable, and there is a possibility of leakage from gas tanks. Fuel oil cannot be used in small boilers is because it liquefied in a cool time. Pellet boilers are the replacement of conventional boilers that use gas, diesel, coal. They are a high-tech product made on equipment using innovative technologies such as welding and laser cutting. Powder coating is used when painting. open Solid fuel boilers Innovation increases energy efficiency of the equipment. The consumption of pellets when using self-acting boiler is significantly reduced. By connecting the system with solar collectors the amount of consumption of fuel reduced.

Pellet boilers and solid fuel boilers – in stock in stock in Ukraine.

Only need to press start and the fuel will automatically be fed into the hopper. Coal is used for 25mm. The amount of ash is reduced in quantity, and is only 0.5-1%. Through automation and innovative technologies help to achieve maximum efficiency. – 92%. When working on a hard fuel with quite semidestruida supply you can use pellets, eco – pots. In addition to the above use briquettes, firewood or coal is a big fraction. Pelletsheating in most cases, is the most important issue for the developer. When selecting a location for the location of the structure, it is necessary to consider possibility of providing and installing equipment for electricity and natural gas. Sometimes it is not technically possible, or the cost of these works is so great that the developer have to be from any land. Our company will help to solve this problem – installation of boilers for pellets (biofuel).

Pellet boilers and solid fuel boilers – installed and serviced at a high level in Ukraine.

boilers is a new type of heating system in Ukraine, as in Europe it is standard practice. Consider system heating closer. Thus, the main fuel for the boiler are wood pellets. Is compressed under pressure from the biomass pellets, which are produced on a special granulator. Cylindrical shape with a diameter of 6-14 mm, length of 0.5-2 see This type of biofuel has high performance in terms of calorific value. To transport and store them just because of the relatively low density of 0.61 t/m3. After combustion leaves only a 3% ash residue, which can fertilize the land. heating on wood pellets is the Hi-Tech technology. The boiler is fully automated, which not only saves money but also precious time ( this is not possible when using such fuels as wood, coal, etc.). Boilers for pellets — is a modern, environmentally friendly and safe way to create in-house warmth and comfort. boilers are made in different ways, thus have a high level of automation and have a number of common principles:

  • Automatic feed of the fuel from the hopper or fuel storage as necessary;
  • maintenance of the set temperature;
  • system Control space heating ventilation pumps, DHW boiler, etc.

Power of household is between 10 to 100 kW, industrial — up to 1,500 kW. Pellet have a high efficiency of 85-95%. Special maintenance is not required:

  • Remove ash once per 2-3 days (if the boiler is not equipped with automatic ash removal);
  • cleaning of the flues in the boiler about once a month ( if no automatic cleaning of the flues).