Indoor swimming pools

Swim in the outdoor pool under the warm rays of the sun — what could be nicer?! But unfortunately, this pleasure is possible only in spring and summer, when the temperature is optimal for the water treatments. If you wish to extend your swimming season, call for help to the company “Saldi Service” which will install a reliable and high quality heating system pool, and edit a sliding dome or pavilion. The dome consists of several parts, completely covering the pool. If necessary, they can easily be pushed to one side. Thus, due to heating and the special covering, you will be able to swim even in autumn and winter.

Крытый бассейн
Крытые бассейны

Water-sports facilities indoor swimming pools

Indoor pools and water sports facilities designed and built by the company”Saldi Service”, have all the necessary characteristics. Such structures enable the most effective use of the entire floor space, and ventilation, air conditioning and heating to maintain optimal internal pressure, which always depends on external loads on the structure. Through the use of modern technologies and materials inflatable structures can withstand wind speed up to 60m/s and snow load of about 250 kg/m2 and more.

Крытый аквапарк
Крытый бассейн для соревнований

Types of indoor pools

Pools and water sports facilities that are created by our company can be of any shape and size. They are perfect for relaxing in any weather, teaching children to swim for the preparation of athletes and sporting events. We installed a special heating swimming pools, allowing you to enjoy swimming all year round.

So, the construction of air-supported structures brings with it a number of advantages:

  1. Provide the necessary climatic conditions indoors when the outside temperature from -35 to +35 degrees Celsius.
  2. create the best conditions for water training with the air conditioning and pool heating, as well as sound-absorbing shell.
  3. does Not require additional lighting during the daytime due to the translucent shell.
  4. Operation all year round under any weather conditions.
  5. Dismantling of the dome in the summer.
  6. installations on any solid ground.
  7. can be mounted overlapping on the already existing pool.
  8. Opportunity to generate additional income from placed inside of a gym, shop or cafe.

The cost of erection of a structure is only 1/3 of the cost of construction of the classical capital structure. The installation is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Воздухоопорная конструкция над бассейном

Implemented facilities indoor pools


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