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facilities of the “Saldi Service”: play Golf in any weather!

In order to practice their favorite sport all year round, just need to order design and installation of special air-supported structures. The company “Saldi Service” manufactures inflatable structures that are covered by the Golf course. Such designs allow for efficient use of every square meter of space, and the installed heating, ventilation, air conditioning and heating make the stay at the site as comfortable as possible and maintain the optimum pressure inside the building.

The main requirement for structures, excess internal pressure in normal condition should not exceed the difference in atmospheric pressure between 1 and 9 floors of a standard building. Modern technology and high strength materials used in the company “Saldi Service”, allow to produce a structure which without any problems can withstand wind speeds up to 60 m/s, and snow load 250 kg/m2 and more.

Площадка для гольфа под воздухоопорной конструкцией
Площадки для гольфа под воздухоопорной конструкцией
Поле для гольфа
Трасса для гольфа

Installation of air-supported structures has many advantages:

  1. using the technological equipment of the normal climate at ambient temperatures from -35 to +35 degrees Celsius.
  2. create the necessary conditions for games with sound-absorbing shell and heating and air-conditioning.
  3. Thanks to the translucent shell, there is no need for additional lighting during daylight hours.
  4. Possibility to use the indoor Golf course in any weather all year round.
  5. Ability to dismantle the structure in the summer.
  6. Installation of structures on any solid ground.
  7. Ability to use on the site to 50 holes and targets.
  8. the Flight of the ball easily tracked thanks to the dark green wall.

The cost of this structure is only 1/3 the cost of a standard capital structure. In this case, you can use the entire space of the premises in its sole discretion, for example, to place inside the café or organize a sporting event.

Implemented facilities Golf courses


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