Air heating — efficient heating at minimum cost

The system of air heating of industrial buildings is an important component of the enterprise. Its main task is the creation of production facilities in acceptable conditions for working people. In addition, it must support the required parameters of indoor air (temperature, humidity, air movement, contaminant, etc.) that are installed for safety regulations and the industrial and technological need. Air heating system must meet a number of requirements, which, in turn, depend on such key factors as: the company specializes in technical terms, processes and budget.

The company “Saldi SERVIS” carries out designing and installation of wide range of heating equipment. If you plan to produce heated agricultural facilities, offices, manufacturing or warehouse space, it is best to install air heating systems and gas generators.

With the help of gas generators is possible to carry out heating and ventilation of the air inside industrial buildings throughout the year. This air heating is not only efficient, but also quite economical. The presence of the humidifier in the system helps to maintain the optimum indoor humidity level. In addition, heaters are irreplaceable, if you need the extra flow of heat.

The heat generator is fully automated, which allows the company to avoid unnecessary costs. Throughout the working day, the system maintains a reasonable temperature in the building, and after the change automatically goes into economy mode. An hour before the start of the day she independently starts to heat the room before the arrival of the employees. Another advantage of gas heat generators — ease of installation. For installation you only need to bring a pipe with the gas to the unit.

Air heating systems are often used for heating greenhouses, homes, garages, warehouses, sports facilities, workshops, administrative-household premises and other facilities. Unlike traditional water heating air has a high efficiency and cost effectiveness. Heat generators to minimize heat loss, reducing warm-up time, to automate the heating cycle, and also to adjust the thermal parameters of the room and centrally manage the system.

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