Airborne facilities for tennis courts

Air-supported structures is a sheath of tissue, which is flexible and durable, but also hermetically mounted on the Foundation without the use of metal structures. It serves the air, thereby the inside pressure increases and creates a support for facilities. This design is completely reliable and safe to use. Air-supported buildings have heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that enables to maintain constant pressure inside the room, regardless of changing external conditions (the standard conditions of excessive pressure within such spaces does not exceed the difference ATM. pressure between 1 and 9 floors of the tower building).

Air-supported sports facilities set to provide a huge bright space without using pillars.

Теннисный корт под воздухоопорным сооружением

List of air-supported sports facilities

  • Inflatable tennis courts;
  • Inflatable hangars;
  • Temporary structures;
  • Playground;
  • Exhibition pavilions;
  • Entertainment systems
  • swimming pool;
  • Warehouses and production.

Air-supported structures placed on the roofs of houses to create more space. This is a great option for construction of indoor sports facilities in a short time and with minimal costs. Especially if it’s a small Playground, such as tennis courts of Kiev, which enjoys great popularity among the population.

Воздухоопорное сооружение

Features of inflatable buildings

  • cover the surface of enormous size;
  • interior space is used with maximum rationality;
  • lightweight construction, can withstand snow load 250 kg/m2 and a wind speed of 60 m/s;
  • price is cheaper than the construction of complete buildings or structures;
  • almost no cost when using;
  • quick installation and dismantling;
  • good light transmission and attractive appearance;
  • excellent seismic suitability, and complete security;
  • installation on any terrain.
Воздухоопорное сооружение
Воздухоопорное сооружение

Advantages of inflatable structures

  1. of Course, in addition to the positive features of the design have quite a number of specific technical characteristics that allow successful use of inflatable structures in various spheres of human activity, including for the construction of indoor tennis courts for the needs of the population.
  2. a system of climate control. What would be the temperature one followed you “outside” (+35 or -35), inside is always maintained consistently comfortable and warm atmosphere.
  3. Ease of use. Design can be operated in any weather, and in summer, if necessary, can be easily and quickly dismantled.
  4. High profitability. For the cost of the construction of such facilities will cost 3 times cheaper than similar stationary design, and if within there are not only tennis courts but also a variety of cafes or shops, it can bring a good extra income.
  5. Savings on lighting. In the daytime, thanks to a translucent surface coating, artificial lighting of the internal space is almost not required, thus saving on the costs of electricity.
  6. versatile design. Air dome for indoor tennis courts can be installed on any smooth surface: special or primer, an outdoor tennis court, etc.
  7. the Shortest construction time.

The simplest form of air-supported buildings of spherical and cylindrical mating surface. In particular, we create a complex shape (parabolic, hyperbolic) air domes and structures, which are formed with multiple surfaces. In this case, the inflatable dome can be made asymmetric or symmetric. Our specialists have undergone numerous levels of training and can recreate any architectural plans to find the optimal solutions to the tasks. We have years of experience in the creation of inflatable structures ranging from 465 (tennis club “Campa”) to 7200 (storage potassium salt, the birch forests) sq. m., height from 9 to 14 meters. Have experience of installation of air-supported structures on any plots (horizontal, inclined, variable height).