Steel structures, lightweight architectural forms

Frame and awning design, tent hangars and. Versatility.

The company Saldi Service deals with metal frames. They are universal and do not need to discharge air to maintain the shape. Versatility provides selection of all shapes and colours, making in a very short time for a small amount, it is characteristic for structures with frames and tent hangars. Frame and awning design, as well as other inflatable structures have several advantages. If you are using a frame, then you can combine any materials and rearrange them in any place.

Frame tent, tent structures and pavilions. Security.

Design and arched awning on a hot day can be used as a canopy against the sun and for the circulation of fresh air. Shell ceiling is with different layers, or with false ceiling. You will be protected from such weather events, e.g. wind, rain, ice, or snow. They are safe and are mobile, they do not need to constantly heat using air, rather than in the inflatable structures. In most Ukrainian cities, including the capital structure can be moved. Durable and safe, practical to use, are resistant to any disasters. You can easily dismantle them to change in size.

Inflatable design – comfort and mobility in operation.

Having a high safety, are very long. Inflatable design is easy to understand and transferred in a convenient place, thus increasing (decreasing) the square changing shape. For the fabrication of more complex structures (large sports arena, tent pavilions, arched hangars, circuses) uses metal frames.

Price for awning design in line with European quality.

Huge structure support inside the right climate. Tent hangar, supports – with the help of ventilation systems, and as energy use for hot water, gas, electricity, liquid fuel or solid fuel boilers. Your wish firm will be performed in a short time. For Directors of large firms, Directors, the enterprises of small and average business is important to include such factors as high quality and safety of buildings for a reasonable price.

the Implemented projects of steel structures


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