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Installation of LED lighting for sports and industrial facilities

July, 2018
Lighting of tennis courts with LED floodlights in Kiev

Lighting of 6 tennis courts with LED floodlights manufactured by Ecolight Ukraine. Illumination – 500 Lux. The viewing area is 4320 sq.m. Equipment supply, design, installation. Kiev, Avenue Vozduhoflotsky, «International Tennis Academy».

November, 2017
Samsung academy football ground in Kiev

Our company "Saldi Service" together with the Ukrainian manufacturer of led equipment "Ecolite Ukraine" carried out the calculation, delivery and installation of the lighting system according to the customer's technical task. 9 pcs of led floodlights Floodlight power — 150 W Floodlight luminous flux — 24000 Lm Illumination — 250 Lux Total energy consumption — […]

June, 2017
Tennis courts in Kharkiv (Golf club)

Tennis courts in Kharkiv (Golf club). Led lamps with an electric consumption of 36 W. Illumination of 450 Lux.

June, 2017
Lighting of two tennis courts in Kharkiv

Lighting of two tennis courts in the city of Kharkiv. Led lamps produced by Ecolight Ukraine. Illumination of 450 Lux. The total electric consumption is 3 kW/hour.

February, 2017
Lighting of the sports complex "Meridian"

Lighting tennis courts in the city of Kiev. Sports complex "Meridian". Thanks to the LED spotlights of the Ukrainian manufacturer Ecolight Ukraine, we were able to achieve uniform illumination of 450 Lux on the playground.

December, 2016
Lighting for a football stadium in Bucha

Our company has won state electronic bidding for the lighting of the 44x64 m football stadium for a children's recreation complex in the city of Bucha. From us, the customer received a full range of necessary works and services from design to commissioning. To illuminate the stadium, we used poles 12 meters high in the […]

August, 2016
Lighting for tennis courts “Courts on the Hem”

Lighting of tennis courts in the city of Kiev. Tennis courts "Courts on the Hem." LED floodlights produced by Ecolight Ukraine with a luminous flux of 24,000 lm and an electrical consumption of 150 watts.

April, 2016
Lighting a mini-soccer field in the city of Kiev

Development of lighting engineering calculation of lighting, supply and installation of LED floodlights manufactured by Ecolight Ukraine.