Industrial ventilation is designed to:

  • creation in residential and business premises of the established parameters of microclimate (temperature, humidity, etc.) while improving human health and increasing its efficiency
  • efficiently mounted ventilation system allows to solve such problems of the modern metropolis, as noise, dust, smog
  • fire safety and explosion safety in service and transit areas
  • umenshenie the degree of concentration of harmful elements

In large enterprises, industrial ventilation plays a huge role, so it is important to design and produce professional installation of a ventilation system. Determine how the working conditions and the production of products will meet all necessary standards. Our company carries out designing of industrial ventilation, heating and industrial air conditioning in buildings and constructions of any complexity in compliance with all building and sanitary norms. Ventilation to deliver the full range of necessary works and satisfies the customer’s requirements, we use the acquisition of such systems only high quality parts producers, enjoying the deserved trust at the market of climatic equipment. We produce staffing ventilation systems all the necessary equipment in the shortest possible time, as well as the design and installation of smoke protection systems.

Fire protection

Smoke protection is a complex space-planning and technical decisions, whose main objective is to prevent (in the fire) smoke evacuation from rooms and buildings. This reduces the probability of death of people during their evacuation from the building, to reduce material losses, to make safer and more effective fire-detection and elimination of fire.

System smoke protection depending on space-planning decisions and the number of storeys of the building may include yourself:

  • the system of smoke removal from the premises and {or) corridors
  • removal of smoke and gases after a fire
  • assurance of nesudimosti staircases
  • a system of air pressurization in Elevator shafts, stair-lift, stair and lift lobbies

The objective of smoke control (smoke removal is suction of accumulating under the ceiling of escape routes and smoke it outside the building.

For this purpose special equipment:

  • Fans of smoke removal (ventilation unit, designed for higher temperature air mass)
  • System-air pressurization for this purpose you can use axial fans
  • Fire dampers
  • smoke dampers

Implemented projects ventilation