Ice stadiums

Ice rinks from the “Saldi Service”: skate and play hockey in any weather!

An indoor ice rink is one of the best examples of air-supported structures. He had no problems all year, giving everyone a unique opportunity in both summer and winter to play hockey or to skate. In winter time the ice skating rink with artificial ice has a significant advantage in comparison with outdoor rinks because it has a smoother coating and a comfortable temperature.

Closed ice rinks — the best contribution monetary funds. They quickly pay for themselves and bring their owners a good profit. These structures can be used to pay ice skating, sports training and also for competitions in ice hockey and various ice shows.

The company “Saldi Service” will not only develop for you the project of the ice rink, but also carry out its construction. For the erection of buildings we use reliable metallotorgovye design. You can enjoy the ice skating rink of any shape (e.g. round or rectangular) and any size and additionally equip it with bleachers and locker rooms.

Крытый ледовый каток
Крытый ледовый стадион
Ледовый каток
Ледовый стадион
Крытые ледовые катки

air dome enables the use of the inner area 100%. The pressure inside the building is constantly maintained heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. In this case it should not exceed the difference in atmospheric pressure between 1 and 9 floors of standard buildings. We always consider this requirement in the construction of air-supported structures. We use modern technologies and materials allow us to build these ice rinks that are not afraid of strong winds or large snow loads.

the Advantages of structures of this type:

  1. Provision of optimal microclimate at an ambient temperature from -35°C to + 35°C.
  2. create the best conditions for playing hockey and skating with heating and air-conditioning, sound-absorbing shell.
  3. Operation of the premises all year round in any weather.
  4. To public events you can use synthetic ice.
  5. No need for additional lighting during daylight hours.

The ice rink can be installed on any solid ground surface. Also possible to install roofs over existing Playground.

Realized objects ice-hockey stadiums and rinks


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