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Air conditioning systems

Trademarks we work with:
Ruck Ventilatoren

Ruck (Germany)

Ventilation equipment: duct, exhaust, roof fans, suspended, forced-air and exhaust installations.

CMT clima

CMT (Italy)

Monoblock conditioners (Roof Top) solve the problem of heating and ventilation in the winter and the task of cooling (conditioning) and ventilation in the summer. They can be used for any type of building of significant volumes - commercial, industrial and residential construction. These units are characterized by compact size, ease of installation, highly efficient heating with minimal harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The high-quality hot air generators of the G series are presented in external and internal versions, as well as gas air heaters and generators designed for heating and mechanical support of air-supporting structures (PVC inflatable structures for sports grounds, attractions, retail areas, etc.).


Hitema (Italy)

Efficient technological solutions for industrial air conditioning, industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. Low power consumption and improved performance, low noise, and produce less vibration. The maximum cooling power can reach 1000 kW.


Frapol (Poland)

Central units for air treatment in ventilation and air conditioning systems. They produce all types of heat-moisture treatment of air - filtering, heating, cooling, humidification, drainage, heat recovery, etc.

Compact units like AF MINI for air treatment in ventilation and air conditioning systems. They can be used both in civil engineering facilities (shops, offices, restaurants, etc.) and in industrial facilities (production shops, workshops, warehouses, etc.). These devices produce all types of thermo-humid air treatment - filtration, heating, cooling, humidification and heat recovery.