air Conditioning is a familiar and, in fact, mandatory feature of any new or reconstructed modern premises, whether residential building, office or industrial facility. Air conditioning is a prerequisite for a comfortable feeling of man, which, as practice shows, helps to improve the health and activity that is very important for effective economic activities of modern enterprise.

Industrial air conditioning – a special area in the conditioning facilities, as used here, a powerful and complex system of air-conditioning systems with chillers and fan coil units, Cabinet air conditioners, condensing units etc. they All allow you to create a comfortable climate and a healthy atmosphere in almost any room.

Industrial air conditioning provides:

  • the temperature in a defined framework and air distribution to eliminate areas of overheating
  • maintaining the moisture level
  • protection against dust – no danger of accumulation of dust in the room

All industrial air conditioning systems can be divided into two groups: water cooling (chillers and fan coil units), and freon systems.

Central air conditioners

These air conditioners are designed to service areas that cover large area and volume, and can be used not only in shops and large industrial premises, but also in closed sports facilities, concert halls, etc. Structurally, they consist of a separate model sections tightly interconnected by a duct system. Each section is mounted on the frame of aluminum profiles, and is closed with panels, part of which is removable to access the air condition units. In addition, each panel has two layers with mineral wool insulation pad between the layers. A combination of Central air conditioners with air heating systems of the building, then the whole system works all year round. There are also Central air-conditioning with air recirculation: in this case, they are completed with the mixing chamber, allowing supplying variable volumes of fresh outdoor air and recirculation air.

Центральные кондиционеры

System chiller – fan coil

Such devices can provide independent temperature control in a large number of areas simultaneously, as would be handy in large office buildings, divided into separate spaces, and hotels, shopping complexes etc. the Chiller is a refrigerating machine intended for cooling liquid which is usually water or antifreeze. The liquid is then by means of the pumping station is supplied to the coil device, which has a heat exchanger with fan, filter and control panel. When installed in a room, the fan coil fan collects the air that is then either cooled or heated by the heat exchanger. The coil can also be fed a certain amount of fresh air from the Central air conditioning or air handling units, then the system allows solving the problem of ventilation. A characteristic feature of the system chiller – fan coil is the flexibility of planning and management, if necessary, the air conditioning in a large number of premises. You can also Commission the object gradually, connecting to the fan coil units as the construction parts of the building..

Системы чиллер-фанкойл

condensing units

condensing unitscondensing units air-cooled is installed outside the premises and the consumer of cold (evaporator) is installed in the room. They may be with axial fans, whose main advantage is lower cost, and with centrifugal fans. In the second case, significantly reduced the level of noise in the room due to the installation of silencers to air channels, but this requires additional installation work on laying pipelines. There are condensing water cooling blocks. In this case, a single compressor and condenser is located indoors, the condenser is cooled or closed loop with antifreeze liquid by a heat exchanger with fans on the street, or running water (artesian or sea, river). The main advantages of these units – the possibility of year-round operation, and virtually unlimited distance between the inner and outer block.

Rooftop units

These are monoblock refrigeration machines, which are installed on flat roofs of buildings, or on special racks to be installed on sloping roofs and on the ground. These air conditioners are simultaneously ventilate and condition the air in the room, and suitable for any room great volume. Fresh air in this case is taken from the street through the intake grille of the air conditioning, recirculated air comes from the room via the duct system and in the mixing chamber is mixed with fresh air. The use of roof-allows you to preserve the interior space, as visible inside the only air grilles. Thanks to monoblock construction, these air conditioners are simple to install and they are similar to Central air conditioning.

Крышные кондиционеры

Implemented facilities air conditioning


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