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Sports lighting

The construction of modern sports facilities is closely connected with the creation of a high-quality and rational lighting system. Properly designed and installed sports lighting allows athletes to achieve high results, and spectators with interest enjoy a great game. Large-scale design of a football stadium requires bright lighting with the ability to conduct high-quality television broadcasts from the venue of the match. Saldi Service is a leading company in Ukraine in the construction of mobile structures, including sports ones. Highly qualified specialists will professionally carry out installation of LED lighting of any complexity.

Sports LED Lighting

To effectively illuminate the territories, floodlights are used by the national leader in the production of this equipment — Ecolight Ukraine.

LED sports lighting is the key to success

A tennis court, a football stadium, an ice rink, a school gym, a sports pool, a basketball room or a volleyball street – each similar facility needs to be evenly installed with the functional elements of an artificial lighting system. Properly selected LED spotlight plays an important role in terms of the subsequent payback of the structure. The price of lighting in each case is calculated individually. Lighting requirements for various sports are quite high and are established by special regulatory documents. The norm includes a list of basic conditions for monitoring the correct illumination inherent in the project:

  1. Multipurpose indoor or outdoor street buildings for practicing a variety of sports should have high-quality sports lighting.
  2. Lighting the stands with spotlights should provide comfort for the audience.
  3. Illumination must comply with all requirements for ensuring the safety of people at the event.
  4. For unforeseen situations associated with the shutdown of the spotlights due to a power outage, it is necessary to provide uninterrupted emergency lighting.
  5. Limiting glare is an important aspect.
  6. Be sure to consider the color and reflection properties of surfaces.

The Saldi Service company is a well-coordinated team of professionals with extensive experience. We guarantee a responsible approach to the installation of lighting of any complexity with a clear implementation of all requirements. Kiev and all Ukraine trust us. For 15 years of successful work, each client receives a consistently high-quality result.

Properly installed street electric LED lamp allows you to provide a high level of lighting, in which it is almost impossible to distinguish natural or artificial light. The sports spotlight emits a soft light stream, comfortable for perception, in such an institution as a school where the gym should be equipped with safety and health of children in mind. The illumination of the gym, the football field for students is a complex and responsible process that should be entrusted to professionals.

The strong and reliable support on which the street projector is mounted allows to open the maximum review of the territory. If there is a need to cover such a structure as a sports football stadium in Kiev or in another city of our country, buying high-quality LED floodlights from Ecolight Ukraine will be the best solution to avoid a number of problems in the future. Installation of good lighting systems in the gym guarantees low power consumption and minimal cost.

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