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Air support facilities (ASF)

In the market of Ukraine and the CIS countries, Saldi Service has been a leader for more than 10 years. During this time, a large number of air support structures, air support structures, tent structures for covering all possible sports fields and tennis courts, various tent pavilions with constant service support and warranty service have been manufactured and put into operation, which today plays a significant role.

An air support structure (ASS) is a shell without a framework into which atmospheric air is supplied, thereby increasing the internal volume. The basis of this building is the material - tailored tent fabric (PVC) in a special way. The air-bearing building, upon reaching the desired working internal pressure, acquires a predetermined dome shape.

Ice Stadium "East"

Air support structures are both stationary and temporary

  • Coverings for stadiums, sports facilities
  • Tennis courts
  • Game football fields
  • Industrial facilities and warehouses
  • Exhibition and shopping centers
  • Portable light mobile structures

Advantages of air support structures

  • Low price
  • Air support structures are temporary, so the design of permits is quite simple
  • Building mobility – easy to dismantle and move to any new place
  • Frameless production technology – the form is preserved only due to the air pumped into the shell
  • Frameless design – maintaining the desired structure by forcing air into the structure
  • Good radio transparency
  • Light transmission of the material
  • Variety of colors of awning fabrics (PVC)
  • Seismic resistance
  • Moderate overpressure comparable to atmospheric
  • Service life up to 15 years
Ice rink district Cherry

Parameters and structure of air-bearing buildings

Ice rink district Cherry inside

An airtight structure made of soft PVC fabric is attached to the site. Inside it there are no all kinds of metal, wooden or plastic elements. Fans pump air into the building, thereby increasing its size and leveling the fabric, takes on the necessary shape.

Air support structures are divided into 2 types

Air-bearing constructions with “smooth” domes have a one-two-layer membrane tightly fixed around the perimeter.

  1. Structures with relatively “smooth” domes
  2. Cable-stayed structures

For cable-stayed structures, domes with a network of steel cable with a diameter of 9 mm. These are new generation domes that are more resistant to aggressive environmental conditions, whether it is wind or snow. The main advantages of the domes are an improved energy-saving system, increased resistance to vandalism, the absence of an echo effect and does not need a foundation.

As a material for the membrane, an awning coating of PVC of class M2 (material that does not support combustion) is used. Fabric service life from 15 to 17 years.

The spatial form of the structure is ensured by the excess pressure created in accordance with the surface of the membrane by an air injection device, and in the case of an external two-layer membrane of the membrane, the excess pressure is greater than that of the internal membrane.

The excess pressure generated inside the building is about 7 mmHg and does not have a significant effect on the human body. In the hot season, it can go through a combustion air conditioning system. The backlighting is carried out in a natural way, through a translucent cover and stationary lights are installed inside the building.

Air support constructions Vip-club “5 element”

The price of the air support structure depends on its type and size of the installation area (increasing the area of buildings significantly reduces their cost).

The construction of a medium-sized wastewater treatment plant, including the full design work, its manufacture and installation can take up to three to four weeks. For most ASS, in particular large sizes, first they must first develop a draft foundation that will take into account soil composition, soil freezing, wind loads, etc. Depending on the size of the object, location and purpose, the breaking force acting on the foundation (system anchor) will be from 200 to 500 kg per 1 l.m.

Tennis courts "Ukrainian Tennis Club" inside

Air injection plants and heating equipment: fans, blowers, compressors, generators, heaters, etc. Depending on the availability and the possibility of using any raw material (electricity, gas, fuel oil, etc.), or central heating, a generator is chosen as the basis. As a rule, the "core" is supplemented by a spare, so-called emergency generator. Emergency devices are independent of energy consumption, and this ensures a smooth introduction of air into the air dome. All equipment is usually located in special rooms, the walls of which have high sound insulation.

The luminaires are installed in special removable masts; in the event of a freelance reduction in the shell, they can be easily dismantled and prevent tissue rupture. Perhaps the position of the projectors on the surface of the site or the use of "pendant" lighting, i.e. fixture mounting on the structure itself. The required level of illumination is 300-450 lux.

The entry and exit system is presented as the main entrance gateway and one or more emergency exits. The default gateway can be in the form of a “turntable” or just a 2-door vestibule. The “turntable” is easy to use, but a simple lobby is easier to manufacture. special transitional vestibules of PVC fabric.This is done when mounting the shell and can be disassembled when removing the shell, for example, in the summer.

One of the main advantages of such structures is the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble. On average, it takes 8-10 hours. The area required to store the assembled structure is 0.5% of the covered area.

The shell dome is typically made of spherical or cylindrical shapes, but it is technically possible to produce membranes of any shape. A prerequisite for maintaining the shape of the inflatable structures is to maintain the pressure inside the casing, so it has an inlet locking system. These inputs can be of two types: "Rainbow" or a revolving door or a double door, inside of which there is a gateway platform. In addition, the air support building provides a cargo gateway through which, carried out loading and unloading equipment, transporting large structures. The same gateway operates in accordance with the fire safety rules of the emergency exit.

Entertainment center in Moscow

Standard sizes of structures are not provided, the size of each structure is determined by the customer: all materials and equipment used to create inflatable structures.