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Awning canopies (albatross, sail)

Awning canopies in Odessa

Awning canopies in recent years have been very popular among various modern cafes, pizzerias or eateries. Owners order these designs to create shadows over the tables. Due to the huge abundance of styles, types and colors of awning canopies, it is possible to create a decor in any style, and in some cases it is possible to install built-in LED lighting.

What are the main advantages of these designs? Definitely, this is covering and creating a shadow over a large space immediately and most importantly, it is a high structural strength. Examples of awning canopies that you can find in our “Implemented Projects” section withstand very strong gusts of wind and storm gusts. Since they are very stable, we install them on coastal terraces or cottages, in a country house or in the garden.

Selection of awning design

Once you have decided on the choice of a tent canopy, that is not all. It’s not enough to pick up just a high-quality, reliable and durable canopy. Awning canopy should fit into the style of your establishment, garden or cottage. Our managers will help you choose a tent canopy, and will help in choosing the fabric of the desired color and texture. Modern, classic or fashionable youth design, which have awnings, ensure they become the perfect subject in any interior. All our tent structures are moisture resistant, have protection against dirt and have an extended service life.

Awning canopy over the bar

How the awning shaft works

One of the important advantages of such awnings is their stationarity. Due to the lack of a mechanical shaft, the design has good stability and durability. Metal racks, mounted in different ways, are a support for the fabric. Classical awnings of an angular or vertical type do not have such resistance to strong and gusty winds as awnings with specials. A fixture that holds fabric on racks.

Awning canopies in a garden

It is very simple to buy awning canopies!

Awning canopy has a wide range of applications, good reliability and excellent functionality, so this device is so common in Ukraine. Your café terraces, car parks, or simply pool areas will become more comfortable with our awning canopies. Products in a wide range are in stock in Kiev, you can order at any time convenient for you.