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Awning designs, canopies and tents

Awning design of the restaurant

Awning structures, canopies and tents are convenient and presentable projects for events of any format.

You can install the canopy in the open air, in any place prepared in advance, whether it be a children's party, banquet, concert, wedding, presentation or barbecue.

Awning designs for comfortable leisure

Awnings, tents, awnings are able to protect against all the vagaries of the weather, on the other hand, will help to create a unique and elegant design that meets all the requirements.

At the same time, ease of installation and ease of installation of canopies, tents and tent structures together can create a convenient platform of the right size for bright corporate or private events.

Saldi Service — offers canopies, tents with a total area of 40 square meters to 1500 square meters, tent structures made of waterproof, vinyl fabric, a composite frame made of aluminum profiles.

Quick order and installation of tent structures

Experienced managers will help to determine not only the necessary area for your event and view the structure, but also can control the delivery, installation and maintenance of tent structures installed at all times, as part of your event.

You just need to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the event in any weather.

Awning design on the roof

Awning fabric structure is designed to protect from direct sunlight, rain and wind. These structures are used as temporary or permanent structures, can be either open or closed side walls.

Features of tent structures

  • Prefabricated tent structures (canopies, awnings and tents quickly assemble and disassemble)
  • Simple installation (without preparing the site and installing complex equipment, the tent and awning can be installed anywhere)
  • The ability to cover large areas with a minimum of internal rigid elements

PVC material consists of nylon, threads that are intertwined 8x8 centimeters on both sides are impregnated with polyvinyl chloride, which prevent fire. The awning fabric with double-sided PVC coating has versatility, non-toxic, non-combustible, and the huge color scheme allows you to dream.

Awning design in the country

The scope of application of different brands of material is very wide

  • Large and small architectural forms: tents, canopies, outlets, tilt production areas, pavilions
  • Playgrounds: inflatable toys, rides, inflatable structures, obstacle courses and sports equipment
  • Recreation areas and pools: landscape pool, collapsible pools, self-leveling print pools
  • Inflatable structures: tennis courts, gyms
  • Agriculture: shelters for sheltering agricultural products, perishable goods, grain storage, hangar, darkened tunnels for mushrooms
  • Industry: protection in welding shops and car washes, water tanks, thermal and acoustic protection, watering tanks, welding protection shops and car washes