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Awning prefabricated designs

Awning pavilions

Awning pavilions prefabricated structures have become increasingly popular in recent years. The popularity of these pavilions due to the wide scope of their application: in agriculture - in storages of grain and vegetables, farms for livestock and poultry, for warehouses, hangars for parking equipment and small aircraft, cars and motorcycles, or sports facilities (indoor courts, ice rinks ) and mobile exhibition halls, territories.

The simplicity of construction and flexibility allows you to install pavilions without the use of expensive foundations, in a short time to make installation/dismantling of objects and transport the pavilion with any awning transport.

Easy installation

Typical awning pavilions are triangular or arched, but special projects can be made if desired. They can be of any length, width of the samples - from 10 to 50 meters, but a multiple of 5, and the height of the side walls is 4-6 meters. A sturdy frame of lightweight metal structures is attached to the base, which, if necessary, is easy to disassemble and assemble in the right place for you. Metal parts are protected against corrosion by galvanized or epoxy paint. The frame is designed with a safety margin and can withstand any wind loads or different levels of precipitation inherent in the field of protection and better than in concrete or stone structures. For greater strength, tent pavilions are attached to the area using anchor ties. Also attached to the frame are lifting gates, lighting, ventilation and heating, beam gantry cranes.

Awning pavilion

High quality materials

To cover the frame, used PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fabrics made of synthetic fibers coated with a PVC compound. After cutting the fabric, the cutting sites are soldered with hot air using a special hair dryer.

To simulate windows, a transparent film is used. The coating can be made in any color scheme with the logo of the customer. It is attached to the bottom cover with the help of ropes, belts, cables, brackets and eyelets, which will ensure reliable assembly and assembly in a short time.

Awning pavilions cost

The pavilions are covered with a material with high light transmission properties, eliminating the need for additional lighting in the daytime. Depending on the operating conditions, the tent pavilion can be folded into several layers. A single-layer awning pavilion can protect against moisture and wind. Awning fabric when laying in two layers, forms an air gap between them, and this gap acts as an additional vapor and sound insulation. When using three layers of tent fabrics, insulating mineral wool is laid between the two layers.

The coating of PVC fabric is resistant to corrosion, chemical reactions, due to its elasticity smooths out seasonal fluctuations in the metal structure. The term of operation is 20-25 years.

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