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Ice rink construction

Recently, ice rinks are in great demand among the population. Active type of recreation for young people and the whole family. It is very popular to hold corporate competitions, sports and athletics parties and just parties on ice. In the morning, when the ice has not yet been run-in, and there are almost no visitors, professional skaters hone the execution of complex elements in amateur arenas. As you know, demand creates supply. That is why today more and more ice rinks are opening.

If you decide to invest in an ice business, this article will guide you where to start and what to pay attention to.

Ice rink

First of all, it is necessary to determine the location of the sports facility. Modern construction technologies make it possible to equip it in any locality. Therefore, the main conditions when choosing will be:

  • High traffic - close proximity to schools, housing estates, in crowded places will attract more visitors
  • Not close location of competitive enterprises

Then we determine the type of structure and its coating. There are indoor and outdoor arenas with a natural or synthetic coating.

Ice rink for children

Unfortunately, the open-air playground with a natural surface has many disadvantages. First of all, the seasonality of the enterprise. With increasing air temperature, natural ice simply melts. But the synthetic coating will allow you to organize an arena in any climate and use all year round.

Due to the fact that synthetic ice does not require the installation of additional equipment, the cost of its operation is much cheaper. But in Ukraine this type of coating is not popular. Natural ice is more popular.

Indoor sports fields are open all year, regardless of coverage. There are several types of coverings:

  • Capital construction - requires large financial costs, the construction process takes a very long period of time;
  • Covering with a metal structure - arenas in sports and other entertainment complexes belong to this type, since it is very expensive to build a separate metal structure specifically for covering an ice arena;
  • Covering with an air support structure is very popular due to the possibility of quick installation, and the material costs in this case are much lower than with a major building. Saldi Service specialists can install a wok on an existing sports ground, on any firm basis, and help to develop a design design taking into account the terrain architecture that will meet all your requirements. Covering with an air support structure will create a comfortable microclimate for ice entertainment, playing hockey or conducting workouts.

Ice Arena

When you stock up on ideas and the choice is made, you can begin to design and build a sports facility.

The main element of the rink is the ice arena. The components of the ice arena:

  • One or two chillers (refrigeration unit)
  • Mats (a set of pipes) made of steel or plastic, inside which coolant is constantly circulating
  • Pipes for connecting mats to the chiller
  • Refrigerant – Coolant
The ice rink is covered with an air support structure

The chiller is mounted on a solid foundation, mainly concrete. The operating temperature of the refrigeration unit depends on the temperature of the air inside and outside the room. In the future, it is automatically adjusted, as modern installations are equipped with special sensors. To freeze the ice, the coolant is driven through the mats.

An ice harvester or a resourcefeiser is a universal machine that performs the functions of pouring ice and caring for it.

Water is poured in layers using an ice harvester. After freezing the first layer of water, fill in the next layer. Their number depends on the purpose of the ice cover. For hockey competitions it should be more dense than for figure skating and simple skating.

Under the influence of skates, the ice surface is destroyed. Therefore, during free from skiing, it is restored using an ice machine, which:

  • Slices the top layer of ice and collects it in a hopper
  • Washes the surface with hot water to eliminate all bumps
  • Fills a new layer of ice
  • Smooths the surface with a knife
Ice cleaning machine

Ice rink heating

If the cooling unit helps us with cooling the ice and maintaining its temperature. That about maintaining a room temperature comfortable for skiing and rest needs to be taken care of separately. For these purposes, solid fuel or gas boilers can be used. With increasing tariffs for gas and electricity, the use of gas boilers will incur high material costs. But the use of boilers with clean fuels will save money.

Ice rink lighting

For daily use of the site it is very important to organize the lighting system in a quality manner. During events and sports, lighting also plays an important role. Therefore, it is important to approach the choice of lighting equipment with all responsibility.

Saldi Service company in cooperation with a Ukrainian manufacturer offers energy-efficient LED lighting. You can entrust us with the work of creating a lighting project, the delivery of products, and their installation in a short time.

Additional facilities for sports facilities

It is very important that the complex had all the necessary facilities for skiing and a comfortable pastime:

  • Skate rental
  • Locker room
  • Cafeteria
  • Bar
  • Coffee house
  • Service and technical rooms
Skate rental

As you can see, building an ice stadium is not a simple matter. But you can ease your task by contacting the specialists of the Saldi Service company. Our experts have extensive experience in the field of construction and will help to quickly and efficiently translate your ideas into reality.