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Pellet boilers – saving on solid fuel

New technology for the creation of pellets (pellets), opens up great opportunities for heating private homes to ordinary consumers.

“Every morning, when I go to milk the cows, I have to load firewood into the boiler, and already at 9 pm I need to repeat this procedure in order to maintain heating,” says Teresa Hardy, owner of Hardy Farm.

Household pellet boilers – saves you money and maintains a comfortable temperature in the house

This was the usual daily routine for Hardy, which would have consistently maintained heating the farm, until she began to use wood pellets.

Pellet boilers at the farm
Farm heating with pellets

A large number of people already use pellet boilers. They do a very good job of heating small rooms. It is also possible to install an automatic pellet boiler, which is mainly located in the basement of the premises.

A representative of the supplier of pellet boilers reports.

Automatic pellet boilers – make life easier for pellet boiler owners

Solid fuel boilers on pellets can heat the whole house. They are fully automatic, granules (pellets) are used as fuel.

Compared to other types of fuel, the prices of which are constantly growing due to fluctuations in the price of oil, the price of pellets has not changed for about 10 years.

Farm heating

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Our customers rely on pellet boilers because of the stability in fuel pricing.

The energy systems specialist said.

The specialist also said that most pellets come from local plants.

Pellet boilers – success, stability and comfort with the support of Saldi Service

We know that we are saving our money using this particular type of fuel.

Otten said.