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The fast-built tent hangars

Awning hangar

Prefabricated tent hangars include the building and the various types of frames that Saldi Service manufactures. These tent-type structures are installed on the foundation, because of this they can be dismantled in a short time and move to another place. The construction of the tent hangar does not require any costly and complex construction work, as they are assembled and mounted on site from the factory finished items.

Most prefabricated tent hangars have a galvanized metal frame, which is made of welded thin-walled sections, which protects the structure from corrosion processes. The metal frame is covered with an awning, which is made of materials based on polyester and coated with polyvinyl chloride.

Installation of prefabricated tent hangars

Installation of tent hangars is possible in almost any locality, even in remote places, as well as in those vulnerable to man-made and natural disasters.

In addition, this type of hangar can be made in an isolated version (awning membrane of a two-layer coating) or cold (single-layer membrane covering with an awning).

You can buy awning hangars and significantly reduce lighting costs, due to the impeccable light transmittance of a translucent awning fabric. In addition, the price of tent hangars is not large, while they have excellent anti-corrosion protection and do not respond to various types of chemicals.


Awning hangars can be easily transported with the ability to be parsed into individual elements, as a result of which the cost of transportation is calculated by the weight of the tent hangar, and not by its volume.

Awning fabric for a hangar can be easily replaced with a new one, although this is not urgently needed, because the fabric can be used up to 25 years.

Awning hangar Ukraine

Degree of protection

This type of hangar is difficult to burn.

The widest scope of prefabricated tent hangars:

  • Gas and oil industry
  • General industrial facilities
  • Urban and agricultural
  • Automotive industry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial premises
Awning hangar Kiev

Hangar design

Prefabricated tent hangars are used to create boats and planes, usually seasonally (autumn - spring), to maintain the possibility of maintenance and repair this sophisticated technology. In this regard, these tent structures can be equipped with life support systems (including ventilation, lighting, heating, etc.).

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