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Pellet boiler PROPEL installation

specifications boilers

Model Power Weight Volume of water, ltr Working pressure, bar hopper Capacity for pellets, l dimensions and accession
a. b. c. Diameter of the chimney, mm Connection, mm
Width, mm Depth, mm Height, mm
PROPEL-14 5-14 400 50 3 200 1500 950 1500 130 25
PROPEL-25 5-25 450 65 3 390 1500 900 1650 130 32
PROPEL-40 80-40 510 115 3 390 1600 1000 1700 130 32
PROPEL-70 21-70 940 311 3 510 1800 1700 1700 200 60
PROPEL-99 30-99 940 311 3 510 1800 1700 1700 200 60

Price of pellet boilers KOZLUSAN

Model Power Price, EURO with VAT
PROPEL-14 5-14 5850,00
PROPEL-25 5-25 6315,00
PROPEL-40 8-40 7250,00
PROPEL-70 21-70 12860,00
PROPEL-99 30-99 13330,00

Pellet boilers – description of automatic boiler on wood pellets

Pellet boiler PROPEL 14 Automated lambda probe Guarantee efficient combustion and proper operation of the burner is the measurement of the residual oxygen in the source gas using a lambda probe (available in the boiler 70 and 99квт). In case of deviation from standard – the system automatically regulates the flow of air to the burner. The function of measuring the temperature of the exhaust gases allows to control the combustion efficiency and to control settings of the boiler.

Pellet boiler PROPEL 25

basic boiler:

  • Boiler complete with hopper
  • Burner of heat resistant stainless steel
  • gear Motor with the screw conveyor and sprinkler valve
  • Device incite
  • Controller boiler and heating system with remote control system, via the INTERNET
  • Device for ash removal
  • Device to automatically empty the heat exchanger and burner
  • Oxygen sensor (lambda probe in boilers 99квт)
  • sensor measuring the exhaust gas temperature
Автоматическое устройство очищения котла
Автоматическое удаление пепла

design details:

  • 91% efficiency – with KOZLUSAN possible!
  • Automatic device for the purification of the boiler (You don’t need to clean the boiler)
  • Automatic removal of ash (keeps Your pellet boiler clean)
  • Remote control on the establishment of the boiler
  • Exhaust fan near the exhaust pipe ensures optimum vacuum in the boiler PROPEL. System advantage: safety operation due to the constant vacuum, not depending on the draught of a chimney.
  • factory warranty until n yati
Модуляция мощности горелки

the automatic Functions of the boiler:

  • modulating burner c using the method of PID-regulation
  • Provision of optimal dilution (thrust) by means of exhauster
  • Provision of optimal conditions of combustion by correction by the lambda probe and the temperature of waste gases
  • Provide fire protection and emergency response arrangements during operation of the boiler
  • frost Protection of the coolant, by turning on the pumps in case of emergency decrease in temperature
  • Dependent on the weather regulation of the flow temperature and with correction by the internal sensor
  • Manage boiler GWP that is in the foreground
  • auto-incite
  • constant temperature

overall dimensions of pellet boilers

Чертеж пеллетного котла PROPEL

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