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Pellet boiler SLIMPELAutomated solid fuel boilers SLIMPEL (KOZLUSAN) with capacity from 5 to 40 kW made for heating both domestic and industrial premises. With the help of the indirect heating boiler it is possible to produce hot water for domestic use (the function of automation of the boiler).

Boilers SLIMPEL (KOZLUSAN), designed and manufactured for burning of fuel granules (pellets). Fuel in the form of granules is poured into the tank (hopper). Depending on the consumption energy content of fuel in the hopper ensures continuous operation of the boiler from 2 to 7 days.

Effective and economical management of the combustion process in the boiler.

A great feature of the boilers is fully automatic and modulating burner (precise mixing of air in the combustion volume with the participation of primary and secondary air) – no starts and stops operation of the boiler. The burner is smoothly adjusted to the required power, depending on the thermal needs of the building – from 10% to 100% power.

SLIMPEL convenient not only from an economic point of view, it also has a highly productive and environmentally safe. In case of deviation from standard – the system automatically regulates the flow of air to the burner. The function of measuring the temperature of the exhaust gases allows to control the combustion efficiency and to control settings of the boiler.

Pellet boiler SLIMPEL opened

Basic boiler:

  • Boiler complete with hopper
  • Burner of heat resistant stainless steel
  • gear Motor with the screw conveyor and sprinkler valve
  • Device incite
  • Controller boiler and heating system with remote control system, via the INTERNET
  • sensor measuring the exhaust gas temperature
  • Exhaust fan
Чистка теплообменника с помощью ручки
Вытяжной вентилятор (дымосос) возле выпускной трубы

design Features

  • 91% efficiency – with KOZLUSAN possible!
  • Easy cleaning of the heat exchanger (with the black knob on top of the boiler)
  • Sensor control fuel level
  • Remote control on the establishment of the boiler
  • Managed level of maintained temperature in the tank
  • Exhaust fan (smoke exhauster) near the outlet pipe ensures optimum vacuum in the boiler SLIMPEL. System advantage: safety operation due to the constant vacuum, not depending on the draught of a chimney.
  • factory warranty to five years
Модуль управления котлом SLIMPEL

Automatic Functions of the boiler:

  • modulating burner c using the method of PID-regulation
  • Provision of optimal dilution (thrust) by means of exhauster
  • Provide fire protection and emergency response arrangements during operation of the boiler
  • frost Protection of the coolant, by turning on the pumps in case of emergency decrease in temperature
  • weather-compensated regulation of the flow temperature and with correction by the internal sensor
  • Manage boiler GWP that is in the foreground
  • operation winter / summer (only DHW boiler)
  • auto-incite
  • constant temperature

dimensions boilers SLIMPEL

Чертеж пеллетного котла SLIMPEL

Technical characteristics of the boiler SLIMPEL

Model Power Weight the Volume of water, ltr Working pressure, bar hopper Capacity for pellets, l dimensions and accession
a. b. c. Diameter of the chimney, mm Connection, mm
Width, mm Depth, mm Height, mm
SLIMPEL-10 3-10 270 40 3 200 740 640 1650 130 25
SLIMPEL-25 5-25 320 48 3 200 1000 750 1800 130 32
SLIMPEL-40 8-40 380 90 3 200 1100 800 1900 130 32

Price of pellet boilers SLIMPEL

Model Power Price, EURO with VAT
SLIMPEL-10 5-14 3510,00
SLIMPEL-25 5-25 3975,00
SLIMPEL-40 8-40 5145,00

reference Price is specified in Euro. Payment is made in UAH according to the invoice.