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Industrial automatic solid fuel boilers series PEL production KOZLUSAN

Industrial boiler series PEL PEL boiler is intended for heating residential and industrial premises, hot water systems, drying chambers for wood equipped with a hot water heating system, continuous circulation, and other technological purposes. Model PEL – solid fuel boiler mechanized combustion of granular fuel, the retort with the lower fuel supply. Fuel through the retort by the screw pushed on a stationary grate. Primary air is supplied under the grate through the holes located on the side surfaces of the grate. The grating is cooled by the primary air. Secondary air is supplied through holes located above the top of the conical slides of fuel. To achieve the proper flow ratio inlet primary and secondary air is regulated separately. To prevent sintering of the fuel with high ash and low plavkosti characteristics of ash (the melting point of ash below 1100 °C), the design of the boiler provides periodic mixing layer of the fuel with the inclusion of the actuator from the controller of the boiler.

bulk Fuels are: wood waste – pellets, sawdust and shavings, peat milling granular; granulated waste from agricultural production – husk sunflower and buckwheat. The fraction of pellet fuel 12х100 mm. The design of the boiler provides automatic removal of ash and unburned residues beyond the furnace volume of the boiler, in a separate ash container. Ash handling conveyors have independent separate drive, with the inclusion of the controller of the boiler. The boiler is equipped with an automatic ignition of the fuel, which simplifies operation and allows you to operate the cascade of boilers in automatic mode. Waste flue gases from the furnace passing through the double tube bundle and the adapter fireplace give off heat to the coolant. The boiler is made of heavy-gauge steel, insulated basalt insulation and covered with sheet metal with polymeric coating. The automation of the boiler provides the optimal conditions of combustion, modulating from 20-100%, emergency and fire alarm systems.

the Price of solid fuel boilers series PEL

Model kW/h dimensions (W*l*h), m chimney Diameter, cm Capacity *value of the EURO with VAT
PEL-130 130 1,8*1,85*1,85 25 230 12340,00
PEL-150 150 1,9*2,0*1,9 25 400 15250,00
PEL-180 180 1,9*2,05*1,9 25 400 16350,00
PEL-200 200 2,2*2,3*2,0 30 400 18370,00
PEL-250 250 2,2*2,2*2,05 35 400 19700,00
PEL-300 300 2,3*2,4*2,2 35 400 23400,00
PEL-400 400 2,5*2,8*2,5 35 550 29140,00
PEL-500 500 2,7*2,8*2,6 40 550 31040,00
PEL-600 600 2,5*3,1*3,0 40 550 34900,00
PEL-700 700 3,3*3,1*3,03 50 550 39700,00
PEL-800 800 3,3*4,4*3,3 60 750 44470,00
PEL-1000 1000 4,5*3,5*3,75 60 1000 60600,00

included In price:

  • Automatic autoranging
  • Auto fuel
  • Automatic mixing of fuel
  • system automatically.
  • electronic control panel

Payment is made in UAH in accordance with the contract and invoiced.