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System solid stand-alone air heater for industrial areas, farms, greenhouses

System of a solid fuel air-heating Type system KOZLUSAN KOZ-H are devices of forced heating and air supply with the purpose of heating the premises with area of 1000 m2 to 15 000 m2. As the heating element serves as the system heat exchangers high turbulence, which is connected with the combustion chamber, where the combustion of solid fuels. Fuel can be: Pellets (pelete from sunflower husk, wood, straw, paper, etc.) Principle of operation: Suction fan captures the outside air and runs it through heat exchangers where it is heated to the desired temperature (130°C and above). Then air under pressure is supplied from the system directly into the room, which is heated, or is passed through the sleeve with the special fiber (boorish) that serves as the heating element of the room. These systems usually are installed from the outside. Sturdy corrosion-resistant coating enables the use of the system in any climatic conditions. The frame design on the chassis allows the coupling of the system by any suitable mode of transport. There is a possibility of joining with drying aggregates and industrial use. Fully automated control minimizes the human factor and increases the CCC system to 92-95% of ADF fuel and unloading of ash provide fully Autonomous operation for up to 2 weeks. A special pulse mode reduces power consumption to 2.5-3 kW/g (for systems with a capacity of 150,000 kcal/h). Fuel consumption from 20 kg/m allowed to say about the record of the effectiveness of these systems in comparison with other types of heating.

Отопление птицефермы

Best solution for large areas: solid-fuel hot-air heating system

Air generatorHeating problems for large areas such as greenhouses, poultry farms, CATTLE farms, hangars, DC, storage, shop require a complex system of water heating, heating system on gas or electricity with a large consumption of energy or fuel. In most cases, such systems are bulky and expensive. The weak point of such traditional systems is their dependence on centralized energy sources and energy supply companies

But there is an alternative solution:

Automatic mobile solid-fuel hot-air heating system S 1000 – 15 000 m2

These systems are compact, easy buklirovannye on its own chassis, can be combined with drying units are electronically operated, is capable of functioning autonomously for up to 4 weeks intended for external use in all temperature and climatic conditions.

heating capacity: 150-1500 kW
Heating area: 15 to 250 kg/h
Consumption pelleti: 130 °C
Temperature: In stock
Automatic fuel feed: In stock
Automatic ash removal: In stock
Mixing burning the masses: 1000-15000 m2

a Comprehensive solution to individual solid fuel heating system

To deliver a fully customized and cost-effective heating system for a complete cycle for individual farms, we offer the following technologically-procedural chain:

Perfect features of boilers KOZLUSAN

dimensions of the heat source

heat Exchanger

Welding robot

Rotary valve

Responsible for fire safety. Carries out a gap of the fuel flow. Makes it impossible to reverse thrust, and therefore the smoke and decay process of the fuel in the hopper.

Separate drive.

Each auger ash removal is completed by a separate independent drive (motor-reducer). The drives are interchangeable. In the case of the order the primary drive or the drive of the agitator is possible to quickly restore the ability to work the system, due to the partial or complete rejection of automatic ash removal.

vysokochastotnogo Retort made of cast iron. Peratrachival reservoir with independent drive

Allows you to burn high-ash low-quality fuel for example, pellets from sunflower husk and other agroperlite.

Rotary valve

Private drive.

Retort made of cast iron vysokochastotnogo

Great production base, the closed cycle of production and a team of designers and technologists, the presence of the European certification and experience operating equipment in many countries of Europe conveniently distinguishes the products of the manufacturer of the equipment offered before.


Name kW/h dimensions (W*l*h), m chimney Diameter, cm. tidal Power fan Capacity *value of the EURO with VAT
kW m3/h
PEL-100 H 100 1,8*2,1*1,9 25 2,2 5000 200 14100
PEL-H 150 150 2,2*2,1*2,2 25 3 7000 200 16300
PEL-200 H 200 2,2*2,2*2,0 25 3 8000 200 19130
PEL-H 250 250 2,3*2,3*2,1 30 4 11500 200 22300
PEL-300 H 300 2,3*2,4*2,2 35 4 13000 400 25740
PEL-400 H 400 2,5*2,8*2,5 35 5,5 18000 400 30030
PEL-500 H 500 2,7*2,8*2,6 40 11 26000 550 34350
PEL-600 H 600 2,5*3,1*3,0 40 11 28000 550 37770
PEL-H 700 700 3,3*3,1*3,3 50 15 36000 550 50450
PEL-H 800 800 3,3*4,4*3,3 60 15 36000 750 63640
PEL-H 900 900 4,5*3,5*3,75 60 22 project. 750 73100
PEL-1000 H 1000 4,5*3,5*3,75 60 22 project. 750 84900

included In price:

  • automatic ignition
  • auto fuel
  • automatic mixing of fuel
  • system automatically.
  • electrical control panel
  • supply air fan
Additional equipment at the customer’s request
optional equipment wheelbasepr_4_1_3_3 1 set 1500,00* EURO
Equipment of gas purification (to pellet heat source) 1 set 2500,00 EURO

*Payment is performed in UAH at the interbank rate at the time of payment.