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15 years of our company

15 years of Saldi Service

15 years old, the flight is normal!

The Saldi Service company was founded in 2005. We began our work with the construction of air support structures to cover sports facilities.

Activities in 2020

For 15 years, the company has significantly expanded its field of activity:

  • Design and installation of air support and metal structures
  • Production of air support structures, buildings: tennis courts, indoor pools, stadiums for figure skating and hockey matches, golf courses
  • Frame tent structures, hangars, pavilions, inflatable products of frames
  • Lighting for buildings and facilities for sporting events
  • Installation of air conditioning systems, which includes space heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems
  • Supply of solid fuel boilers from the manufacturer KOZLUSAN, as well as their installation and maintenance of boiler equipment

Our company accepts applications for objects of any complexity. We are ready to solve the most complex problems and implement the most original ideas, adapting to your budget.

About our company

With the development of new technologies and the introduction of new areas of activity, Saldi Service has acquired all the necessary elements to perform quality work: machines, equipment, tools and other equipment.

We also have our own warehouses and production facilities: a workshop for the manufacture of metal structures, a site for cutting and sewing awning products.

Company Team

15 years of our company

An important place in the activities of Saldi Service is occupied by the team. The company employs qualified craftsmen, designers and specialists in working professions. Many of them gave the company 5.7, 10 years of their hard work and professionalism, developing and implementing your projects.

During our work, we commissioned more than 113 objects with a total area of 156 thousand square meters. We installed 2,980 floodlights and installed 85 heating boilers. Our projects have been implemented in many cities of Ukraine and abroad: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Georgia, Thailand, Latvia, Belarus, the Russian Federation and others. Over 15 years of work, we have achieved high results and are ready to develop further!