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Installation of an automatic heating system based on pellets in Lviv

The second stage of installation of an automatic heating system on pellets in Lviv for air support structure. The PEL-H 250 solid fuel generator has been successfully installed and connected.

Automatic feeding of pellets into the hopper of a solid fuel heat generator PEL-H 250 using a screw

The pellet delivery system from the external hopper directly to the pellet burner PEL-H-250 solid fuel heat generator. One of the headaches of the owner of pellet boiler is the delivery of pellets from the place where they are stored until the boiler . The simplest and most common option is that pellets are stored in an outhouse to a country house or in an unheated separate unit (garage) and delivered to the boiler as necessary. With a capacity of solid fuel boiler of 290 kW, you have to drag (or transport, whoever) every day of the season an average of 300-500 kg per day. The owner of pellet boilers with a separate bunker was a little luckier, however, there are some limitations. Therefore, some owners, sooner or later, think about an automatic pellet feed system.

The advantages of a screw feed is its technical simplicity - all you need is an electric motor, a pipe, and a screw (Archimedean screw). The power of the electric motor depends on the length of the screw. The disadvantages of this solution include the required subtle calculation of the ratio of the diameter of the pipe and the size of the screw. Another drawback is the restriction on the length of the screw is not more than 25 meters, otherwise the number of small particles unsuitable for burning increases.

The airborne tent structure is mounted on a tennis court to provide comfortable training and competitive games in the cold season.